25th International Tattoo Convention, 7.8.9. August 2015

Eichen Strasse 4
12435 Treptow
Information "Tattoo-Queen 2014"

During this year Tattoo-Convention, we are going to vote the Tattoo-Queen 2015. This competition will take place on 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) at our Tattoo-Convention. The registration for this competition will be possible for all tattooed Women. The size of the tattoos and the quantity of the tattoos will not be important for the decision. . Also a small artwork could be a nice artwork!
There will be 3 “stage-walks”
For the first one, you can present yourself in your own style.
The second one will be in a stylish evening dress
The third one must be in a free, permissive style (bikini or else)
Every woman who will get through the pre-selection will get free entry for the tattoo-convention 2014.
The winner of this competition will also get a price: will be a flight and a 3 day stay at an European Tattoo-Convention of her choice.
For take part a this competition you have to write an application (with picture) with e-mail as soon as possible (deadline will be a week before the convention)
Tara and Helmut e-mail: queen@tattoo-convention.de

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